SAP abap demos

Package Title Comments Example Reports/Webdynpro Components
BC400 Training: BC400 – ABAP Workbench: Concepts and Tools. Contain programs that show some fundamental concepts of ABAP
BC401 Course: BC401 – ABAP Objects. Contain programs that demonstrate some OO concepts in ABAP.
BC405 Training Course BC405: List Creation and Query Contain programs that demonstrate concepts in Report Programming (e.g. ALV, Report Event, Logical Database)
BC412 Course BC412: ABAP Dialog Program with EnjoySAP Controls Contain programs that demonstrate concepts in Dialog Programming
BC417 SAP Training: BC417 Contain programs that demonstrate BAPI concept
BC427 BC427 Training Objects Contain programs that demonstrate Enhancement Framework concepts (Classic BADI, New BADI, etc.)
BC470 Training Course: BC470 – SAP Smart Forms Contain programs that demonstrate Smartforms SAPBC470_DEMO
SABAPDEMOS Demos for ABAP Documentation Many programs that demonstrate ABAP language concepts from ABAP Documentation My favorite:




SDW4Packages for Demo Center from tCode DWDMPrograms that demonstrates objects in Control Framework (I havent had much opportunities to use it in Production)
SLISGeneric list typesContains pretty much useful and detail example with using ALV (REUSE_ALV_* and CL_GUI_ALV_GRID)My favorite: BCALV_GRID_*
SALV_OM_OBJECTSALV Object Model Basis ClassesContains pretty much useful and detail example with using SALV (CL_SALV_TABLE)My favorite



SWDP_DEMOWebdynpro Demo ApplicationContains many useful Web Dynpro applications that illustrate essential UI elements in Web Dynpro
SWDP_DEMO_TUTORIALSWebdynpro Demo ApplicationDemo Web Dynpro Application concepts with Flight Booking system, Quiz System
SWDP_TESTWeb Dynpro: TestsMany many useful Web Dynpro applications, illustrate UI elements usage and important concepts in Web DynproA must look if you want to grab Web Dynpro concepts


SEU_TREE_CONTROLOO Framework for Tree ControlI haven’t had chance to work with Tree Control object.
SOFFICEINTEGRATIONPlatform- and application-indep. Office integrationOLE. I haven’t had chance to work with Office Integration.
APB_FPM_DEMOFloorplan Manager (Examples and Demo applications)Demo applications for FPM to show concepts of Guided Activity Floorplan (GAF), Object Instance Floorplan (OIF)Web Dynpro Application: FPM_DEMO_FLIGHT_OVERVIEW
SALV_WD_TESTSALV WD TestTest applications showing how to use SALV in Web DynproWeb Dynpro Application:


SGRCABAP Graphics Development: Network, Bar ChartDemo programs showing how to use ABAP GraphicsReport: RGRAPALL
SZPR/3 Central Basis Development: Dialog Boxes…Demo programs showing how to use Dialog Boxes in ReportsReport: RSSPO120
SBCOMSBusiness Communication ServiceDemo programs showing how to use class CL_BCS to send documents (e.g. email)Report: BCS_EXAMPLE_XX
SIXML_TESTXML Parser and RenderDemo program showing how to use class CL_IXML to parse XML file and create XML objectReport: BC