SAP Digital Boardroom

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SAP Digital Boardroom(数字化会议室、数字化董事会议厅)

SAP Digital Boardroom (based on SAP BusinessObjects Cloud).

SAP Digital Boardroom is licensed as a subscription, based on the number of

boardroom-enabled storyboards (per month).

As a prerequisite, the respective SAP BusinessObjects Cloud licenses (subscription pricing per user per month) are required to be able to create and combine BI, Planning, and Predictive content, which you then orchestrate for your Digital Boardroom.

SAP Digital Boardroom is configured in a way that a single Google Chrome browser with the Boardroom URL is stretched into 3 screens. In presentation mode, each screen displays the Stories orchestrated using the Interactive Agenda.


C-level executives

C-Suite executives(CEO,CFO,CIO,CDO等).

Equip C-level executives with real-time contextual information and ad hoc analysis using SAP Digital Boardroom. Built on SAP Analytics Cloud, this next-generation board portal leverages line-of-business data from SAP S/4HANA and other applications to provide a single source of truth for the company.


  • Digital Boardroom
  • C-Suite executives(CEO,CFO,CIO,CDO等)
  • 多屏触摸联动
  • ECC, BW, HANA, Model, View
  • HOP, HCP, SAP BO on Cloud as a SAAS
  • HCP Connector
  • 谷歌浏览器


  • 硬件构成:交互平板显示器(三星75寸 * 3) + Microsoft Surface(i7) + 集线器 + HDMI
  • 软件构成:BO on Cloud + SAP Digital Boardroom + Chrome
  • 费用构成:硬件 + BO on Cloud + SAP Digital Boardroom


素材(Dashboard、网页等)宽度:1024 * N(屏幕数量),这是三屏联动的关键



软硬件架构SAP Digital Boardroom SAP Digital Boardroom SAP Digital Boardroom SAP Digital Boardroom SAP Digital Boardroom


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SAP Digital Boardroom – Screen Hardware Compatibility:

System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites

Microsoft Surface Hub application:

Multi Desktop Fullscreen for Chrome

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud Content



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        按照SAP官方说明,sap数字化董事会议厅需要使用到SAP BO on Cloud,但是如果本地已经部署了BO,单独为数字化会议室再开发一套BO模型不仅管理不方便、可能公司领导在思想转变方面也很难处理,因此如果本地BO模型已经做好了,可以用自己的素材也能实现三屏联动。