2.打note,用table control实现(注意认真看note)
1660466 – ENJOY: Configuration of G/L acct subscreen via table control
1744839 – The button “configuration” in T-code FB50,FB60,FB70 is missing
1928556 Some fields for line items are invisible in ENJOY T-codes li

其他事物代码,例如f-32的起始屏幕样式可以通过SE93做一些简单的字段控制,里面的屏幕可以用table control控制!

根据官方的说法,FB50默认之所以没有table control按钮是由于一个他们的设计决定,以为FB50的table control按钮和shd0的屏幕variant会产生冲突,两者不能同时适用,所以官方屏蔽掉了fb50的table control按钮、而保留了shd0的屏幕variant功能。
This can happen if you inserted a new field into the entry mask with the import of the Support Package or during the upgrade (program SAPLFSKB screen 0100, so-called table control). In the documentation it is stated that: if columns are added into a table control for which screen variants have already been created, the column order cannot be correctly set from these screen variants since otherwise several column indexes can occur (all other options remain unchanged). If required, the screen variants which belong to the table control must be checked and manually adjusted in this case (Transaction SHD0: screen variants: further functions, functions check, adjust and save).