The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on SAP SD Database Architecture

Often, you would need to understand the technical aspect of how things are structured to really appreciate an application. SAP is no different. However, there are many functional areas and understanding the entire database structure for massive software like SAP in a single go is an uphill task.  Hence, it is better to go via each functional area. In this article, I attempt to cover the important database tables for SAP Sales and Distribution.

This is especially useful for someone who is new to SD or has been working on the functional side and would want to understand it from the database point of view. Moreover, I am structuring the tables in a sequential manner which will help you in navigating easily as well as remembering them. Please note that the focus here is on understanding and building confidence instead of width and coverage.

Enterprise Structure

You cannot start with the application until and unless you have an enterprise structure in place. This article doesn’t want to go into the topic but it lists out the database tables in this regards.

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