基于WordPress的开源ERP系统WP ERP

WP ERP is the first full-fledged ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system through which you can simultaneously manage your WordPress site and business from a single platform.

The plugin provides powerful CRM, HR Manager, Accounting & Project Management capabilities that lets you take care of your career and venture from the backend of your site with full freedom!

The plugin is so beginner-friendly that all you need is a one-click activation to get started!


WP ERP Comes with three powerful pre-built core modules –



  • Your own company profile
  • Admin dashboard with customizing features
  • Full control over your financial, employee and customer operations
  • 44+ Currency Support
  • Daily overview of all modules
  • Notification emails with custom templates and shortcode support
  • Help from support team and documentation


Create your very own HR system for your company just the way you like!

With WPERP HR Manager, you can –

  • Manage all the information of your company from a single place
  • Manage locations
  • Adding and listing departments
  • Adding and listing designations
  • Create employees, add them to departments and assign designations
  • Make individual employee profiles with editing privilege
  • Publish and share announcements with employees, departments, and designations
  • Manage holidays
  • Allow employees to request for leave
  • Manage employee leaves & leave policies


With WP ERP CRM module, the process of converting leads to customers is much easier, organized, and seamless.

With WPERP CRM you will be able to:

  • Manage and implement a personalized approach with every customer
  • See contact with life state to prioritize and compartmentalize your service for a greater efficiency
  • Create contact groups where you can list people with similar characteristics and interest
  • Note down the important things that are related to customer handling
  • Keep a log of every detail when you are dealing with a customer
  • You can schedule a meeting/call directly from inside the CRM module
  • Assign tasks to your team members and get them done without relying on anything else
  • Make company profiles so you handle them seamlessly
  • Filter your contacts instantly using keyword related to any attributes
  • You can set a previously saved search filtering for all the times when you are in a hurry


This is the perfect accounting module for anyone who is un-initiated with accounting. The simple intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to get started.

With WPERP Accounting module, you’ll get:

  • Get a quick overview of all your total cash revenue, due invoices, pending payments, expenditure and more right from your accounting dashboard
  • See all the transactions within your organization all in real time
  • There are multiple preloaded accounts for assets, Liabilities, Expenses, Income etc so you don’t have to start off from scratch
  • Manage all your sales using invoices and make payments directly using this module
  • Check reports on every stage all the calculations
  • Receive payments from any customers within seconds
  • Get printable version of your invoices with only a click. You can even modify them
  • Keep a detailed track of your company’s expenses with the associated accounts and vendor profiles.
  • See the due payments you need to make recently
  • Use payment vouchers to pay your vendors directly with cash from your company savings or petty accounts. You can even pay them partially
  • Manage your bank account, see the economics in the graph, make/receive payments
  • Transfer money with a simple click any time you want
  • Journal Entry feature for all the professional accountants out there

Getting Started with WP ERP is only a matter of moments.
Check out the detailed documentation created by us to help you out to run WP ERP in the best way.


A host of WordPress extensions are available at your service to supercharge your all-in-one business manager, WP ERP:

  • Payment Gateway: This feature extension allows you to take payments from most popular payment gateways- PayPal and Stripe.
  • Recruitment: This is a Job Manager and complete Job Vacancy, Resume and Employment Manager. You can directly create, publish and manage your recruitment from your WordPress powered company website, as well as manage candidates.
  • Attendance: Track work hours of your employees and balance them with their leaves with this feature extension.
  • HR Frontend: Bring the powerful HR Module of WP ERP to your web front using this handy extension. Let staff check-in, check-out, and even take leaves from the web-front.
  • WoCommerce Integration: Sync your WooCommerce order details and customer data with WP ERP and allow your CRM agent to track your sales.
  • Email Campaign: Create personalized, automated and beautifully designed outbound emails for marketing, campaigns or customer follow up.
  • Custom Field Builder: Add more fields to your ERP forms.
  • Payroll: Manage your employee salaries more easily and automate the payment system with this amazing extension of WP ERP
  • Deals: Deals is a great tool to manage and guide your CRM agents on a faster and organized sales process.
  • Workflow: Automate actions in your ERP system with this advanced extension. Save time and reduce the margin of error.
  • Reimbursement: Manage your employee expenses and complete payments in an easy and effective way using ERP Reimbursement.
  • Document Manager: Store and access your company and employee documents on-site.
  • Inventory: Stock management for your products within your accounting software.
  • SMS Notification: Send SMS notifications to your CRM contacts and employees in your HR module directly from your ERP system using famous SMS gateways.
  • Asset Manager: Create your company assets virtually, assign them to employees and keep track of all your company assets in one place.
  • Gravity Forms: Create users in CRM module automatically with the data you receive on a form created by Gravity Forms.
  • Salesforce Contacts Sync: Import and Sync all your SalesForce mailing lists into WP-ERP CRM system and vice versa.
  • Hubspot Contacts Sync: Import and Sync all your Hubspot contacts into WP-ERP CRM system and vice versa.
  • Mailchimp Contacts Sync: Import and Sync all your MailChimp mailing lists into WP-ERP CRM system and vice versa.
  • Help Scout Sync: Sync Help Scout contacts with your CRM & view your CRM contact data on Help Scout with this two-way integration!
  • Awesome Support Sync: Using Awesome Support to provide support to your customers? Easily bring them to your CRM so you get full relationship management features!
  • Zendesk Sync: Increase CRM contacts, lead and customers by integrating Zendesk ticket support system and respond to clients faster.

基于Python的开源ERP系统Odoo (OpenERP)

OpenERP 是欧洲开发的一款开源 ERP 软件,OpenERP 发展的初衷是为提供 SAP、Microsoft Dynamics 等商业 ERP 软件的开源替代产品。

它使用 Python 语言开发,数据库采用开源的 PostgreSQL,系统以 GNU GPL 开源协议发布。 OpenERP 作为跨平台的应用系统,支持在 Windows、Linux 等多种操作系统上运行,还支持通过 Andriod、iPhone 等手机移动终端接入访问。


OpenERP 技术上最闻名的是其灵活的模块化设计。整个应用服务器由松散模块构成,模块间的耦合度非常低。怎样松散耦合,是软件设计中的一个困难问题,OpenERP 充分利用了 Python 语言的优点,非常好的实现了模块化软件设计。


01、 ORM (Object Relation Mapping)

负责数据对象到数据库的访问。在 OpenERP 的业务对象中,你不必写一行数据库访问代码,就自动具备了 CRUD 数据库访问功能。CRUD 是指在做计算处理时的增加 (Create)、读取(Retrieve)(重新得到数据)、更新 (Update) 和删除 (Delete) 几个单词的首字母简写。主要被用在描述软件系统中数据库或者持久层的基本操作功能。

02、 BMD (Base Module Distribution)

是一个必不可少的基础模块。你自己可任意添加其他模块,开源社区有超过 500 个以上的可用模块。

03、 Report Engine

负责生成各种报表。目前支持的报表格式有 PDF、OpenOffice、HTML 三种。

04、 Workflow Engine (工作流引擎)

支持任意复杂度工作流,OpenERP 的工作流使用 XML 格式文件定义,目前也提供简单的图形化工作流编辑工具。

05、 WebService

提供网络调用接口。目前支持 Net-RPC、XML-RPC 两种。


截至 2012 年,OpenERP 的模块有大约 2000 个,涵盖了各行、各业、各领域的管理要求。官方系统集成的主要标准安装包功能模块有:


适合中国国情的会计科目。分 2006 年企业会计及 2010 年中小企业会计。

02、Accounting and Finance (会计与财务)


03、Customer Relationship Management (CRM 客户关系管理)


04、Employee Directory (员工目录)


05、Purchase Management (采购管理)


06、Sales Management (销售管理)


07、Social Network (社交网络)


08、Warehouse Management (仓库管理)


09、Website Builder (网站制作)


10、eCommerce (电子商务)


11、Material Requirement Planning (物料需求计划)


12、Document Management System (文档管理系统)


13、Project Management (项目管理)


电子商务 & ERP

随着信息化的发展,电子商务日益激增,第三方已经为 OpenERP 开发出新电商模块。

01、 运作效率

OpenERP 的电商 ERP 模块可与淘宝电商订单同步接口。一台普通的 4 核 PC 级服务器,系统平均每分钟处理 60 个订单,1 小时处理 3600 单。如果两台服务器构建集群系统,日处理能力超过 10 万单。

02、 系统特点

支持大部分主流电商平台,包括淘宝订单同步接口、壹号店订单同步接口、eBay 订单同步接口、Magento 网店订单同步接口、ZenCart 网店订单同步接口等。


ERP 业务流程可同步公司数据。

ERP 订单量处理能力强,包括:订单合并、自动审单、组合商品自动拆分发货、联想快递单号、智能物流、条码枪验货发货、物流单号同步等。

ERP 级别的库存管理,第三方开发者有开发复试库存,自动进行库存事物处理,跟踪记录所有操作流程。


根据公开报道,有下面一些著名机构正在使用 OpenERP。

01、 法国国家行政学校 (简称 ENA)

孕育法国政治精英与大企业 CEO 的摇篮。从这所学校诞生了两位法国总统,分别是希拉克和德斯坦。ENA 委托 Bull 公司经过详细的市场研究后,选择了 OpenERP 作为学校的全面管理系统。该管理系统,包括实施 OpenERP 现成功能、定制化开发、和原来系统的集成接口开发,历经 3 年完成。系统用户数 1500 人。

02、 比利时商会 (CCI,Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Belgium)

CCI 在比较 SAP、Navision 后,看中了 OpenERP 无需编程就能实现极其灵活的模块化和个性化配置,从而选择 OpenERP。它们特别看中 OpenERP 的工作流编辑器,视图编辑器,对象编辑器和 Action 编辑器。CCI 实施了成员管理、分支机构管理、事件和培训管理等 13 个模块。项目历时 1 年,用户数 70。

03、 卢森堡银行培训机构 (IFBL, Institut de Formation Bancaire Luxembourg)

经历过两个集成项目的失败后,他们选择了OpenERP,用于计划和培训管理。系统历时 1 年完成,用户数有,培训总部 40 人,银行各分支机构用户约 1000 人。

04、 Medical

medical 是一个基于 OpenERP 平台开发的医院管理信息系统(HIS)和电子病例系统(EMR)的开源项目,目前已经在阿根廷等国家医院使用。