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Offsetting entry for stock posting (GBB)

Offsetting entries for stock postings are used in Inventory Management. They are dependent on the account grouping to which each movement type is assigned. The following account groupings are defined in the standard system:

AUA: for order settlement

AUF: for goods receipts for orders (without account assignment)

and for order settlement if AUA is not maintained

AUI: Subsequent adjustment of actual price from cost center directly

to material (with account assignment)

BSA: for initial entry of stock balances

INV: for expenditure/income from inventory differences

VAX: for goods issues for sales orders without

account assignment object (the account is not a cost element)

VAY: for goods issues for sales orders with

account assignment object (account is a cost element)

VBO: for consumption from stock of material provided to vendor

VBR: for internal goods issues (for example, for cost center)

VKA: for sales order account assignment

(for example, for individual purchase order)

VKP: for project account assignment (for example, for individual PO)

VNG: for scrapping/destruction

VQP: for sample withdrawals without account assignment

VQY: for sample withdrawals with account assignment

ZOB: for goods receipts without purchase orders (mvt type 501)

ZOF: for goods receipts without production orders

(mvt types 521 and 531)

You can also define your own account groupings. If you intend to post goods issues for cost centers (mvt type 201) and goods issues for orders (mvt type 261) to separate consumption accounts, you can assign the account grouping ZZZ to movement type 201 and account grouping YYY to movement type 261.


If you use goods receipts without a purchase order in your system (movement type 501), you have to check to which accounts the account groupings are assigned ZOB

If you expect invoices for the goods receipts, and these invoices can only be posted in Accounting, you can enter a clearing account (similar to a GR/IR clearing account though without open item management), which is cleared in Accounting when you post the vendor invoice.

Note that the goods movement is valuated with the valuation price of the material if no external amount has been entered.

As no account assignment has been entered in the standard system, the assigned account is not defined as a cost element. If you assign a cost element, you have to enter an account assignment via the field selection or maintain an automatic account assignment for the cost element.

Account determination of valuated sales order stock and project stock

Note that for valuated sales order stock and project stock (special stock E and Q) and for the transaction/event keys BSX and GBB, you must maintain an account determination to avoid receiving warning messages when entering data (purchase order or transfer posting) for valuated stock.

During data entry, the system attempts to execute a provisional account determination for GBB for valuated stock. The system will only replace the provisional account determination for GBB with the correct account determination for the stock account (BSX), in the background, if you enter the data for valuated stock at a later point in time.

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