SAP ERP Sim(Simulation) Game

Engage, Collaborate, Learn

SAP ERP Simulation is a competitive business simulation game in which participants “run” a company in a live SAP ERP System.

Derive Value

Designed to help user and management understand the value and power of SAP, the ERPsim Game assists organizations to:

  • Increase User acceptance
  • Drive understanding of integration
  • Demonstrate the power of  SAP as a reporting and management system
  • Teach basic navigation
  • How the ERPsim Game works:

Teams compete against one another in operating their companies within a dynamic marketplace.

Order to Cash

Run Order-to-Cash process through execution of creating sales orders, delivering orders, invoicing customers, and receiving payments.

Procure to Pay

Run procure to pay process by running planning, ordering inventory, receiving inventory, receiving vendor invoices, making vendor payments.

Plan to Produce

Run Plan to Produce process via creating forecast, running MRP, converting MRP Planned  Orders to Production orders, production execution.

Record to Report

Run Financial and Managerial Accounting through posting transactions which post to the Financial General Ledger accounts.  Use SAP reports to make business decisions to ensure profitability. Review Financial statements to ensure financial health.


Play in groups, Facilitator provides basic information about the company you are running and a quick overview of the transactions you can use while playing the game. At the end, there is a winner and some runner ups, but everyone learns A LOT!

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