What is the Takeover Date used for?

The takeover date is best described as a “transfer date”.  It represents, mostly from a depreciation perspective, what values are loaded from the legacy system. 

It does not represent the actual data entry date.  For instance, you can specify a takeover date of Dec 31, 2007 but load the data before or after that date.  However, the values that you load need to reflect the values that were in effect as of Dec 31 2007.  This typically only affects the depreciation values.

There are two types of takeovers dates:

  1. At the end of the last closed FY, or
  2. During the FY.  This is referred to as a Mid Year Data Takeover.

Customizing path:  SPRO→ Asset Accounting → Asset Data Transfer → Parameters for Data Transfer → Date Specifications → Specify Transfer Date/Last Closed Fiscal Year

What is the Takeover Date used for?
What is the Takeover Date used for?

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    ag 2020.12.26 14:19

    You ensure the company code status allows data migration. This is allowed when the company code is set to status 1 or 2. Tcode in S4 HANA is FAA_CMP_LDT, tab “General Settings”, field “Company Code Status”.

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    ag 2020.12.26 14:16

    If the migration takes place mid-year, you define the last posted period in a customizing, tcode is OAYC.

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    ag 2020.12.26 14:13

    1.T-code AS100使用Excel上载,可能无法适用于所有公司的业务场景

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    ag 2020.12.26 14:11

    S4 HANA中,transfer value的输入是通过ABLDT,与ECC直接在AS91录入有所不同。