Period End Closing Operations of Sales Modul,SD模块日清月结要做的事情,当然根据具体的业务可能有些步骤不需要做、可能还有一些其他的定制化操作需要执行。


Action T-code Frequency
Reviewing Blocked Sales Orders  VKM1 Daily
Reviewing Incomplete Sales Orders  V.02 Daily
Reviewing Sales Documents Blocked for Delivery  VA14L Daily
Reviewing Sales Orders Due for Delivery  VL10C Any time
Reviewing Log of Collective Delivery Creation  V_SA Daily
Reviewing Incomplete SD Documents (Deliveries)  V_UC Daily
Reviewing Outbound Deliveries for Goods Issue  VL06O Daily
Reviewing Sales Documents Blocked for Billing  V23 Daily
Reviewing Billing Due List  VF04 Daily
Reviewing Log of Collective Invoice Creation  V.21 Daily
Reviewing List Blocked (for Accounting) Billing Documents  VFX3 Daily
Calculation of Work in Process (Service Provider)  KKAK Monthly
Settling the Sales Order to Profitability Analysis (Service Provider)  VA88 Monthly