SAP客户寄售业务处理逻辑(SAP Customer Consignment)

客户寄售(Customer Consignment)的含义和用途

Consignment goods are goods which are stored at the customer location but which are owned by your company. The customer is not obliged to pay for these goods until they remove them from consignment stock. Otherwise, the customer can usually return consignment goods which are not required.

Consignment processing offers the participating partners several advantages. Customers store the consignment goods at their own warehouses. The customer can access the goods in the consignment warehouse at any time. They are only billed for the goods when they are removed from the warehouse and only for the actual quantity taken.

客户寄售(Customer Consignment)的业务流程

Fill-up (补货,非限制转W库存,不产生会计凭证) <—> Pick-up (W库存退回非限制库存,不产生会计凭证)

Issue (寄售结算,或者叫寄售库存核销,产生Billing)<—> Returns(取消寄售库存核销,产生反向Billing)



Consignment fill up is used to supplement the customer’s consignment stock. When you ship consignment stock to the customer, you record the transaction by creating a consignment fill-up order (order type KB).

Consignment issue enables the customer to take consignment goods from the special stock for their use or to sell. When the customer r