How to share an SQVI query in SAP?

I assume you already have an understanding about how you can create an SQVI Query..

For those people that have not used this powerful tool before, I “ll demonstrate this with an example. In chapter 2 I will next demonstrate how you can actually share your personal made SQVI query with your colleagues!

Creating a new Query via Transaction Code SQVI

In the SAPGUI, launch the QuickViewer using the transaction code SQVI.

This will show the following screen:

SQVI Quickviewer

First enter a useful name, and next press the “CREATE” button.

As an example, I will quickly create a query, called ZBP_ROLES which  I use a lot in the context of SAP CRM Business Partner Role checks, using a Join between the tables BUT000 and BUT100.

This query will allow me to quickly identify following things:

* which BP roles have been maintained for a certain business partners

* which Business partners are maintained with e.g. the role BUP003 (Employee).

Table Join as Datasource in SQVI

In the title, I just entered a relevant explanation for myself…and in the field Data Source, I choose  “Table Join” as will want to create my query based on the two tables.

Insert Tables to be joined

I next push the button “Insert Table” in order to add my first table (BUT000). This ta

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