openSUSE Leap VS Tumbleweed

openSUSE Leap VS Tumbleweed, just like CentOS VS Fedora.

But actually Tumbleweed is more than Fedora, Tumbleweed does not have a detail big version number, it’s just updating and updating, that is rolling update.

Leap is a LTS( long time support ) version, Tumbleweed’s update mechanism makes it more like Arch Linux.

For beginner and common users, Leap is the first choice. Because it’s more stable。
For developers and geeks, Tumbleweed is the best option. Because you can enjoy the latest Kernel and updates.

SLES’s (suse linux enterprise version) desktop is gnome, because gnome is lighter than KDE.
Users who run openSUSE, I think KDE is the best choice, gnome on openSUSE is simple and ugly.

Anyway, openSUSE is a good Linux distribution worth trying.

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