Meaning of the SAP return codes

1) Gateway errors:
221 Error in CPIC-SS
222 Storage bottleneck
223 Network read error
224 Network write error
225 Invalid request
226 No connection yet
227 Gateway process terminated
228 Shared-Memory problem(read)
229 Shared Memory problem(write)
230 No free LU
231 No free gateway process
232 Error when starting gateway proc.
233 Incorrect communication type
234 Connection setup failed
235 Error in comm. table
236 No connection to gateway
237 Connection to gateway closed
238 Error in GW command (write)
239 Error in GW comm.   (read)
240 Invalid length
241 Invalid environment
242 Timeout
243 Error setting up SAP connection
244 Partner has closed connection
245 Storage overflow
246 Incorrect APPC header version
247 APPC server not started
248 Error accessing TXCOM
249 Comm. table is full
630 Invalid mode no. received
631 of gateways reached
632 No LU specified
633 of clients reached
634 Invalid TP name
635 fork failed
636 Invalid NI handle
637 rexec failed
638 TP start failed
639 NiDgSend failed
640 Internal error
664 Gateway host is unknown
665 Gateway service unknown
666 NI error
667 exec failed
668 R/2 restarted
669 Symb. destination too long
670 No more side-info entries
672 Logon to NetWeaver failed
673 IMS Error Purging
674 Timeout for registered programs
676 TP not registered
677 Timeout for registered programs
678 TP is registered
679 TP is not registered
720 Security breach of registered programs
721 SNC deactivated
722 SNC required
723 SNC name not defined
724 Default SNC name not permitted
725 Protocol does not support SNC
726 No local SAP System
727 SNC required
728 Conversation ID not found
729 SNS must do the communication
730 Start of external programs deactivated
731 Gateway shut down
732 No external programs
733 Conversation ID does not match
734 Net conversation error
735 Monitor is not active
736 Conv-ID is not unique
Errors in the CPIC Interface:
450 No storage
451 No side-info entry
452 TP-START failed
453 No initialization
454 “getlu” failed
455 “signal” failed
456 Timeout during conn. setup
457 CMALLC failed
458 CMSEND failed
459 Prepare-To-Receive failed
460 “mc_flush” failed
461 CMRCV failed
462 Argument missing
463 “get_allocate” failed
464 CMDEAL failed
465 TP-END failed
466 conv. reached
467 “snaopen” failed
468 “snactl” failed
469 No flush in IBM environment
470 “snaclse” failed
471 Status error
472 No side-info entry
473 No conversation
474 Connection closed manually
475 Connection closed automatically
476 No partner found
477 Confirm failed
478 Confirmed failed
479 GWHOST not in side-info entry
480 GWSERV not in side-info e.
481 PROTOCOL not in side-info entry
482 LU not in side-info e.
483 TP not in side-info entry
484 No gateway
485 gethostname failed
486 SAP_CMACCP not executed
487 Program not in argument list
488 Host not in argument list
489 Service not in argument list
490 Conv-ID not in argument list
491 Invalid parameter
492 LU62CVCT failed
493 LU62ATTCH failed
494 No CONV table
495 Incorrect conv.table
496 Invalid conv modification
497 NiHostToAddr failed
498 NiAddrToHost failed
499 Read operation tab.THOST failed
500 No side info file exists
501 CMRCV failed

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    ag 2017.05.08 13:07

    Regularly I am seeing this error message in SM21.
    Error : Communication error, CPIC return code 020, SAP return code 223
    Could anyone help me out with this?

    Check this transaction Code SLIN specify the programe name and click on the
    objects need to be checked make sure that before doing this do Communicate
    with your ABAP programmer. ..
    The SAP return code 223 is Network read error.
    The CPIC return code 020 is product specific error.

    SLIN transaction is used for extended syntax check of a program and not for any CPIC related errors.
    Some of my functional consultants using third party tool (JCO) to extract data from sap system.
    JCO is not a third part tool.
    It is an SAP component or a tool that supports communication between an ABAP and a Java system.
    Try to update the JCO if you are not on the recommended level. … 1100035870000463649

    Note 549268 – SAP JCo 2.x release and support strategy

    Also read this link b/ca6641ffb68147e10000000a1550b0/content.htm

    If you still get the CPIC errors, shoot an OSS message.

    This could be related to network issues.
    Read SAP Note 63347 – List: CPIC error codes
    SAP intersystem communication is based on RFC, which SAP built. But they didn’t start from nothing, they used CPI-C as the underlying base for RFC. CPI-C uses the term ‘conversation’ sort-of like TCP/IP uses ‘connection’. Conversation 12345678 refers to one specific connection between 2 programs which is used to exchange data of some sort. a/pdf/BCSRVSKPR/BCSRVSKPR.pdf Remember that the initial software SAP sold was IBM mainframe based general ledger/accounting software (R/2).

    If you think you might have to dig into CPI-C traces to find what’s wrong, don’t. Open a message/ticket with SAP and let them.