SAP idoc基本技术参数

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SAP idoc基本技术参数












1. Creation of basic Idoc type (Transaction WE30)

2. Creating message type (Transaction WE81)

3. Associating the Message type to basic Idoc type (Transaction WE82)

4. Create the function module for processing the idoc

5. Define the function module characteristics (BD51)

6. Allocate the inbound function module to the message type(WE57)

7. Defining process code (Transaction WE42)

8. Creation of partner profile (Transaction WE20)



1. Create segments(WE31)

2. Create an idoc type(WE30)

3. Create a message type (WE81)

4. Associate a message type to idoc type(WE82)

5. Create a port(WE21)

6. If you are going to use the message control method to trigger idocs then create the function module for creating the idoc and associate the function module to an outbound process code

7. Otherwise, create the function module or stand-alone program which will create the idoc

8. Create a partner profile(WE20) with the necessary information in the outbound parameters for the partner you want to exchange the idoc with.Trigger the idoc.



最新的idoc状态显示在control record的status字段。

The initial status of this IDoc will be 30, which after successful processing will convert into status 16.

SAP idoc基本技术参数

A successful outbound IDoc will pass through all the above statuses in reverse order (01-03-18-06-12-16). Each status represents an IDoc validation step. If an IDoc passes all the validations it would reach status 16. These different validation steps for outbound IDocs are explained below:

01: IDoc generation successful

30: IDoc is ready to be processed by IDoc Processing job

03: IDoc data is passed to the Port

18: IDoc successfully triggered EDI subsystem

06: IDoc data translated to EDI format

12: IDoc is dispatched successfully to the partner

16: Partner has received the IDoc successfully

IDoc can possibly fail at any of the above steps during validation.



The initial status of an inbound IDoc is 64 and successful status is 53.

Different validation steps for inbound IDocs are explained below:

50: IDoc received successfully in the system

64: IDoc is ready to be processed by IDoc processing job

53: Application document created and saved successfully. The document number can be found by expanding the status node 53

SAP idoc基本技术参数

An inbound IDoc goes through all the above statuses in reverse order (50-64-53).


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