AFAB: Account requires an assignment to a CO object

SAP固定资产afab运行折旧时提示:Account requires an assignment to a CO object

spro>Financial Accounting (new)>Asset Accounting>Integration with General Ledger Acctg>Additional Acct Assignment Objects:””Activate Account Assignment Objects”” (Step 1) and “”Specify Account Assignment Types for Acct Assignment Objects”” (step 2)

1) Activate KOSTL for Cst Ctr (In my case we have flagged Active and Agreement box) look at F1 info

2) Assign Co Code, select depreciation area and Assign the Acct Assignment Objects ( in this case KOSTL) to transaction * (Generic transaction) one line for APC Values posting and another line for Depreciation Run and flag Acct Assign box for both lines