Graph DB图形数据库笔记

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图形数据库是NoSQL中的一种,也可称为面向/基于图的数据库,对应的英文是Graph Database。





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      What Are the Common Use Cases of Graph Databases?

      Today’s enterprise organizations use graph database technology in a diversity of ways:

      #Fraud detection
      #Real-time recommendation engines
      #Master data management (MDM)
      #Network and IT operations
      #Identity and access management (IAM)

      From enterprises like Walmart, eBay and the adidas Group to startups like Cobrain, Zephyr Health and Wanderu and even non-profits like the ICIJ and the World Economic Forum – case studies with graph databases abound with diversity and depth of use.

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        Why does My Enterprise Need a Graph Database?

        Today’s CIOs and CTOs don’t just need to manage larger volumes of data – they need to generate insight from their existing data. In this case, the relationships between data points matter more than the individual points themselves.

        In order to leverage data relationships, organizations need a database technology that stores relationship information as a first-class entity. That technology is a graph database.

        Ironically, legacy relational database management systems (RDBMS) are poor at handling data relationships. Their rigid schemas make it difficult to add different connections or adapt to new business requirements.

        Not only do graph databases effectively store data relationships; they’re also flexible when expanding a data model or conforming to changing business needs.