SAP HANA privileges

Several Privilege types are used in SAP HANA
1. System Privilege
System privileges control general system activities, are mainly used to authorize users to perform administrative actions,
Creating schemas
Managing users
Performing data backups

2. Object Privilege
Object privileges are used to allow access to and modification of database objects, such as tables and views.

3. Package Privilege
Authorizations assigned to a repository package are implicitly assigned to the design-time objects in the package as well as to all sub-packages. Users are only allowed to maintain objects in a repository package if they have the necessary privileges for the package in which they want to perform an operation.

4. Analytic Privilege
Analytic privileges are used to grant different users access to different portions of data in the same view depending on their business role.

5. Application Privilege
In SAP HANA Extended Application Services (SAP HANA XS), application privileges define the authorization level required for access to an SAP HANA XS application.