H5 Input type email – better don’t use it!

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You can use type=”email” to validate the value of the input. I put together a simple test to find out which browsers accept which values for input type=”email”.

Here are the values I tested:
1) test
2) test@
3) test@test
4) test@
5) test@test.test
6) test.O’test@test.com
7) test@testä.com
8) test@郵件.商務
9) test@मोहन.ईन्फो
10) testρ@εχαμπλε.ψομ
11) !#$%&’*+-/=?^_`.{|}~@test.com
12) user+mailbox/department=shipping@example.com

Expect from 1 and 2 (which are invalid email addresses in any case), most browsers (expect from Firefox and Chrome – see Note 1) also invalidates 7 (Umlaut), 8 (Chinese), 9 (Hindi) and 10 (Greek). This list is far from complete, there are lots of languages with different writing systems.


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    • ag

      H5的type = email不支持.com.cn后缀