SAP ECC中最重要的550张表

表名 简短描述
ADCP Person/Address Assignment (Business Address Services)
ADR2 Telephone Numbers (Business Address Services)
ADR3 Fax Numbers (Business Address Services)
ADR6 E-Mail Addresses (Business Address Services)
ADRC Addresses (Business Address Services)
ADRP Persons (Business Address Services)
AFAB Network – Relationships
AFFL Work order sequence
AFFW Goods Movements with Errors from Confirmations
AFIH Maintenance order header
AFKO Order Header Data PP Orders
AFPO Order item
AFRU Order Confirmations
AFVC Operation within an order
AFVU DB structure of the user fields of the operation
AFVV DB structure of the quantities/dates/values in the operation
AUBSI Worklist for PO (Follow-on Document Generation)
AUFK Order master data
AUPO Allocation Table Document Item
AUUMI Worklist for Stock Transport Orders (Follow-on Doc. Gen.)
BKPF Accounting Document Header
BLPK Document log header
BLPP Document log item
BSEG Accounting Document Segment
BSEG_ADD Entry View of Accounting Document for Additional Ledgers
BUT000 BP: General data I
BUT020 BP: Addresses
BUT021_FS Time-Dependent Address Usages
CABN Characteristic
CABNT Characteristic Descriptions
CAWN Characteristic values
CAWNT Value Texts
CBPR CO-ABC: Activity Master Table
CBPT Text Table for Business Process Master
CEPC Profit Center Master Data Table
CEPCT Texts for Profit Center Master Data
CEPC_BUKRS Assignment of Profit Centers to a Company Code
CKIS Items Unit Costing/Itemization Product Costing
CKMI1 Index for Accounting Documents for Material
CMDT Generic Master Record: General Header
CMDT_ADR Generic Master Record: Address
CMDT_PC Generic Master Record: Profit Center Enhancements
CMDT_TEXT Generic Master Record: Texts
CNLDST_SHORTTX Table of Language-Dependent Short Texts
COBK CO Object: Document Header
COEP CO Object: Line Items (by Period)
COKEY CO key sub-numbers
COKEY2 CO Key Subnumbers Enhancement Table
COKL CO Object: Control Data for Activity Types
COOI Commitments Management: Line Items
COSL CO Object: Activity Type Totals
COSP CO Object: Cost Totals for External Postings
COSR CO Object: Statistical Key Figure Totals
COSS CO Object: Cost Totals for Internal Postings
CRCA Work Center Capacity Allocation
CRHD Work Center Header
CRTX Text for the Work Center or Production Resource/Tool
CSKA Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Chart of Accounts)
CSKB Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Controlling Area)
CSKS Cost Center Master Data
CSKT Cost Center Texts
CSKU Cost Element Texts
CSLA Activity master
CSLT Activity type texts
DD02L SAP Tables
DD02T SAP DD: SAP Table Texts
DD07L R/3 DD: values for the domains
DD07T DD: Texts for Domain Fixed Values (Language-Dependent)
EBEW Sales Order Stock Valuation
EBKN Purchase Requisition Account Assignment
EINA Purchasing Info Record: General Data
EKAB Release Documentation
EKBE History per Purchasing Document
EKBEH Removed PO History Records
EKBZ History per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs
EKBZH History per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs
EKET Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines
EKKN Account Assignment in Purchasing Document
EKKO Purchasing Document Header
EKPO Purchasing Document Item
EQKT Equipment Short Texts
EQUI Equipment master data
EQUZ Equipment time segment
EVMTT Texts for EV measurement methods in PS
EVOP Object parameters
EVSK Statistical key figures for progress
EVVD Object type dependent default values for measurement methods
EVVS Progress version
FAGLFLEXA General Ledger: Actual Line Items
FAGLFLEXT General Ledger: Totals
FAGL_011FC Fin. Statement Structure: Assignment FS Item – Funct. Areas
FAGL_011PC Fin. Statement Structure: Items in Fin. Statement Structure
FAGL_011QT Fin. Statement Structure: Text for Fin. Statement Items
FAGL_011SC Fin. Statement Struct.: Assignment Fin. Stmnt Item: Setname
FAGL_011VC Fin. Statement Structure: Contra Items
FAGL_011ZC Fin. Statement Structure: Assignment FS Items – G/L Account
FAGL_SEGM Master Data for Segments
FAGL_SEGMT Master Data for Segments
FAGL_TLDGRP Ledger Group
FAGL_TLDGRPT Ledger Group Texts
HIKO Order master data history
IFLOS Functional Location Labels
IFLOT Functional Location (Table)
IFLOTX Functional Location: Short Texts
ILOA PM Object Location and Account Assignment
INOB Link between Internal Number and Object
JEST Individual Object Status
JSTO Status object information
KAKO Capacity Header Segment
KAKT Capacity Description
KBED Capacity Requirements Records
KDST Sales Order to BOM Link
KEKO Product Costing – Header Data
KLAH Class Header Data
KNA1 General Data in Customer Master
KNB1 Customer Master (Company Code)
KNKK Customer master credit management: Control area data
KNVV Customer Master Sales Data
KONA Agreements
KONBBYH Bonus Buys: Header
KONBBYPRQ Bonus Buys: Prerequisites
KONBBYT Bonus Buys: Text
KONDN Conditions: Free goods – Data section
KONMATGRP Material Grouping: Header
KONMATGRPT Material Grouping: Text
KONV Conditions (Transaction Data)
KSSK Allocation Table: Object to Class
LFA1 Vendor Master (General Section)
LFB1 Vendor Master (Company Code)
LIKP SD Document: Delivery Header Data
LIPS SD document: Delivery: Item data
MAKT Material Descriptions
MARA General Material Data
MARC Plant Data for Material
MARD Storage Location Data for Material
MARM Units of Measure for Material
MARV Material Control Record
MAST Material to BOM Link
MATERIALID Material Identification
MBEW Material Valuation
MCHB Batch Stocks
MDLV Customizing MRP Area
MEAN International Article Numbers (EANs) for Material
MKAL Production Versions of Material
MKOL Special Stocks from Vendor
MKPF Header: Material Document
MLST Milestone
MLTX Milestone Description
MSEG Document Segment: Material
MSKA Sales Order Stock
MSKU Special Stocks with Customer
MSLB Special Stocks with Vendor
MSPR Project Stock
MSSA Total Customer Orders on Hand
MSSQ Project Stock Total
OBEW Valuated Stock with Subcontractor
ONR00 General Object Number
ONRBP Object number index: Business process
ONRKL Object Number Index, Cost Center/Activity Type
ONRKS Object Number Index, Cost Center
ONROK Object number index for material component/reservation
ONROR Object Number Index, Order
ONROV Object number index for order process
ONRPD Object number index for project
ONRPR Object number index for project structure element
ONRVB Object number index for sales document item
PA0001 HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment)
PLAF Planned Order
PLPO Task list – operation/activity
PMCO Cost structure of maintenance order
PRHI Work Breakdown Structure, Edges (Hierarchy Pointer)
PROJ Project definition
PRPS WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Element Master Data
PRST Project – BOM link
PRTE Scheduling Data for Project Item
PVKT Supply Area Short Text
QBEW Project Stock Valuation
QMEL Quality Notification
QMFE Quality notification – items
QMIH Quality message – maintenance data excerpt
QMMA Quality notification – activities
QMUR Quality notification – causes
QPCT Code texts
QPGT Code group texts
RESB Reservation/dependent requirements
RPSCO Project info database: Costs, revenues, finances
RPSQT Project info database: quantities
RSADD Additional fields for reservation
RSDB Index of the RESB for the Direct Procurement Element
RSDBS Index of purchasing documents for individual customer stock
S066 Open orders: credit management
S067 Open deliveries/billing documents (KM)
SETHEADER Set Header and Directory
SETHEADERT Short Description of Sets
SETLEAF Values in Sets
SETNODE Lower-level sets in sets
SKA1 G/L Account Master (Chart of Accounts)
SKAT G/L Account Master Record (Chart of Accounts: Description)
SKB1 G/L account master (company code)
STAS BOMs – Item Selection
STZU Permanent BOM data
SVKO Allocation Rule / IS-R Allocation
SWOR Classification System: Keywords
T000 Clients
T001 Company Codes
T001A Additional Local Currencies Control for Company Code
T001K Valuation area
T001L Storage Locations
T001S Accounting Clerks
T001W Plants/Branches
T003 Document Types
T003O Order Types
T003P Order Type Descriptions
T003T Document Type Texts
T004 Directory of Charts of Accounts
T004T Chart of Account Names
T005 Countries
T005E County
T005F County: Texts
T005G City
T005H City: Texts
T005K Communication: country dialling code
T005S Taxes: Region (Province) Key
T005T Country Names
T005U Taxes: Region Key: Texts
T006 Units of Measurement
T006A Assign Internal to Language-Dependent Unit
T006D Dimensions
T006T Dimension Texts
T008 Blocking Reasons for Automatic Payment Transcations
T008T Blocking Reason Names in Automatic Payment Trans.
T009 Fiscal Year Variants
T009B Fiscal year variant periods
T011 Financial Statement Versions
T011T Financial statement version names
T014 Credit control areas
T014T Credit control area names
T022 FI-SL Activity: Fixed Data
T022T FI-SL Activities: Text
T023 Material Groups
T023T Material Group Descriptions
T024 Purchasing Groups
T024A Planner group
T024D MRP controllers
T024E Purchasing Organizations
T024F Production scheduler
T024I Maintenance planner groups
T030B Standard Posting Keys
T040 Dunning keys
T040A Dunning key names
T040S Blocking reasons for dunning notices
T040T Dunning block reason names
T042Z Payment Methods for Automatic Payment
T047M Dunning areas
T047N Dunning area texts
T052U Own Explanations for Terms of Payment
T053R Classification of Payment Differences
T053S Classification of Payment Differences (Texts)
T059T Texts for Minority Indicators
T074T Special G/L Indicator Names
T074U Special G/L Indicator Properties
T077Z Account Group Names (Table T077S)
T134 Material Types
T134M Control of Qty/Value Update
T134T Material Type Descriptions
T137 Industries for materials
T137T Industry Descriptions
T148 Special Stock Indicator
T148T Special Stock Descriptions
T149T Global Valuation Category Descriptions
T151 Customers: Customer Groups
T151T Customers: Customer groups: Texts
T156 Movement Type
T156C Stock Types and Their Values
T156M Posting String: Quantity
T157E Text Table: Reason for Movement
T161T Texts for Purchasing Document Types
T163B Purchase Order History Categories
T163C Texts for Purchase Order History Categories
T171 Customers: Sales Districts
T171T Customers: Sales districts: Texts
T173 Routes: Mode of Transport for Each Shipping Type
T173T Routes: Mode of Transport by Shipping Type: Texts
T178 Conditions: Groups for Materials
T178T Conditions: Groups for Materials: Texts
T179 Materials: Product Hierarchies
T179T Materials: Product hierarchies: Texts
T188 Conditions: Groups for Customer Classifications
T188T Conditions: Groups for Customer Classes: Texts
T189 Conditions: Price List Categories
T189T Conditions: Price List Categories: Texts
T353I Maintenance activity types
T353I_T Maintenance activity type description
T357 Plant Section
T415A Alternative BOM Determination
T415S BOM status
T416 BOM Usage – Item Statuses
T416T BOM Usage Texts
T418 Item Categories
T418T Item Category Texts
T430 Operation/Activity control key
T430T Language-dependent text table for the control key T430
T433 Milestone Indicator
T433T Milestone texts
T438T MRP description
T457T Description of MRP elements
T459 Availability Check: Requirements and Planning Types
T459K Control table for customer requirements
T459T Availability Check: Requirement and Planning Types: Texts
T459Y Reqmts types for sales and distribution: texts
T460A Special procurement key
T460T Texts for special procurement keys
T499S Location
T621 Item Categories for Allocation Tables
T621T Texts for Alloc. Tbl Item categories
T626 Allocation Table Notification Categories
T627T Texts for Allocation Strategies
T629 Allocation Table Rejection Reasons
T629T Alloc Tbl: Blocking Reasons: Texts
T681A Conditions: Applications
T681B Conditions: Applications: Texts
T685 Conditions: Types
T685T Conditions: Types: Texts
T691K Forms of payment guarantee
T691L Description of payment guarantee forms
T6B1 Rebate : Rebate Agreement Types
T6B1T Rebate: Agreement Types : Texts
T6WFG Degree of Fashion
T6WFGT Degree of Fashion
T6WSP Check Table for Season Indicator
T6WST Texts to describe season indicators
T856 Transaction Types
T856T Transaction type texts
T880 Global Company Data (for KONS Ledger)
T881 Ledger Master
T881T FI-SL Ledger text
T882G Company code – ledger assignment
T894 FI-SL and FI-LC Versions
T894T FI-SL and FI-LC Version Texts
TAUUM Sales Documents:Types: Language-Dependent Conversion
TB010 BP address types: Texts
TBDLS Logical system
TBDLST Text for logical system
TBO01 Language-specific values for object type
TBP0L Budget/Planning Ledger
TC04 Applic-Specific Criteria for Alternative Determination
TC04T Application Texts
TC24 Person responsible for the work center
TC26 Capacity category
TC26T Description of the capacity category
TC30T Text for the work center category
TC37T Texts for shift definitions
TCA08 Language-dependent texts for sequence categories
TCJ04 Person in Responsible for Project
TCJ05 Project applicant
TCJ1 “Project Types”
TCJ1T “Project Types”
TCK01 Costing Types
TCLA Class Types
TCN07 Priority
TCN2T Text Table for TCN02
TCN7T Text table for priorities (TCN07)
TCS03 Modification Parameters/Defaults for BOMs
TCS41 Automatic alternative BOM determination
TCURC Currency Codes
TCURF Conversion Factors
TCURM Customizing: MM Configuration
TCURR Exchange Rates
TCURT Currency Code Names
TCURV Exchange rate types for currency translation
TCURW Usage of Exchange Rate Types
TCURX Decimal Places in Currencies
TFACT Factory calendar texts
TFKB Functional areas
TFKBT Name of the functional areas
TGSB Business Areas
TGSBT Business Area Names
TINC Customers: Incoterms
TINCT Customers: Incoterms: Texts
TJ01 Business Transactions
TJ01T Business Transaction Texts
TJ02T System status texts
TJ07 Influence of system status on transactions
TJ30T Texts for User Status
TJ31 Process control (user status)
TKA01 Controlling Areas
TKA02 Controlling area assignment
TKA03 Statistical key figures
TKA09 Basic Settings for Versions
TKA09V Version Table: Separate Bus. Transactions for Delta Version
TKKH1 Origin in CO Object
TKKH2 Text Table for Origin in CO Object
TKT03 Stat. key figure texts
TKT09 Texts for versions in master table
TKUKL Customers: Customer Classifications
TKUKT Customers: Customer classification: Texts
TLGR Routes: Loading Groups
TLGRT Routes: Loading Groups: Texts
TMCNV Data on Material Numbers Conversion
TMFG Material freight groups
TMFGT Material freight groups: Descriptions
TMVF Availability Check Control
TMVFT Availability check control: Texts
TPIR2 Value Categories
TPIR2T Texts for Value Categories
TPIS3 Assignmnt Table: Statistical Key Figures -> Value Categories
TPRIO Customers: Delivery Priorities
TPRIT Customers: Delivery Priority: Texts
TQ80 Notification Types
TQ80_T Notification type texts
TSAC Communication Methods (Business Address Services)
TSACT Communication Method Description (Business Address Services)
TSAD2 Academic Title (Business Address Services)
TSAD3T Titles (Texts) (Business Address Services)
TSAD4 Name Prefixes (Business Address Services)
TSPA Organizational Unit: Sales Divisions
TSPAT Organizational Unit: Sales Divisions: Texts
TTGR Delivery Scheduling: Transportation Groups
TTGRT Shipping Scheduling: Transportation Groups: Texts
TTYP Object Types for Accounting
TTYPT Object Type Names for Accounting
TTZZ Time zones
TTZZT Time Zones
TVAG Sales Documents: Rejection Reasons
TVAGT Rejection Reasons for Sales Documents: Texts
TVAK Sales Document Types
TVAKT Sales Document Types: Texts
TVAPT Sales document item categories: Texts
TVAS Action Procedure for End of Contract
TVASB Action Procedure: Texts
TVAU Sales Documents: Order Reasons
TVAUT Sales Documents: Order Reasons: Texts
TVBO Sales Rebate Groups
TVBOT Sales Rebate Groups: Texts
TVBST SD Documents: Processing Status: Texts
TVBUR Organizational Unit: Sales Offices
TVEGR Material Group: Packaging Materials
TVEGRT Material Group: Packaging Materials: Designations
TVEP Sales Document: Schedule Line Categories
TVEPT Sales Documents: Schedule Line Categories: Texts
TVFK Billing: Document Types
TVFKT Billing: Document Types: Texts
TVFS Billing: Reasons for Blocking
TVFST Billing : Blocking Reason Texts
TVGRT Organizational Unit: Sales Groups: Texts
TVKBT Organizational Unit: Sales Offices: Texts
TVKG Sales Documents: Reasons for Cancellation
TVKGG Customer Condition Groups (Customer Master)
TVKGGT Texts for Customer Condition Groups (Customer Master)
TVKGR Organizational Unit: Sales Groups
TVKGT Sales Documents: Reasons for Cancellation: Texts
TVKO Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations
TVKOT Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations: Texts
TVKOV Org. Unit: Distribution Channels per Sales Organization
TVKT Customers: Account Assignment Groups
TVKTT Customers: Account Determination Groups: Texts
TVLA Org.unit: Loading points per shipping point
TVLAT Org.Unit: Loading points per shipping point: Texts
TVLG Routes: Weight Groups for Deliveries
TVLGT Routes: Weight Groups for Deliveries: Texts
TVLK Delivery Types
TVLKT Delivery: Types: Texts
TVLS Deliveries: Blocking Reasons/Criteria
TVLST Deliveries: Blocking Reasons/Scope: Texts
TVLZ Validity Period Category
TVLZT Validity Period Category: Texts
TVM1 Material Pricing Group 1
TVM1T Material pricing group 1: Description
TVM2 Material Pricing Group 2
TVM2T Material Pricing Group 2: Description
TVM3 Material Pricing Group 3
TVM3T Material pricing group 3: Description
TVM4 Material Pricing Group 4
TVM4T Material pricing group 4: Description
TVM5 Material Pricing Group 5
TVM5T Material pricing group 5: Description
TVPR Commission Groups
TVPRT Commission Group Texts
TVPT Sales documents: Item categories
TVRO Routes
TVROT Routes: Texts
TVSB Shipping Conditions
TVSBT Shipping Conditions: Texts
TVST Organizational Unit: Shipping Points
TVSTT Organizational Unit: Shipping Points: Texts
TVTA Organizational Unit: Sales Area(s)
TVTW Organizational Unit: Distribution Channels
TVTWT Organizational Unit: Distribution Channels: Texts
TVUVS Incompletion Control: Status Groups
TVV1 Customer Group 1
TVV1T Customer group 1: Description
TVV2 Customer Group 2
TVV2T Customer group 2: Description
TVV3 Customer Group 3
TVV3T Customer group 3: Description
TVV4 Customer Group 4
TVV4T Customer group 4: Description
TVV5 Customer Group 5
TVV5T Customer group 5: Description
TVZB Customers: Terms of payment
TVZBT Customers: Terms of Payment Texts
TWAA Promotion Type, IS-R
TWAAT Promotion type short text, IS-R
TWAT Promotion themes, IS-R
TWATT Promotion theme description
TWLVT Listing procedure IS-R / texts
TWTY Promotion category, IS-R
TWTYT Promotion cat. short text, IS-R
USR21 User Name/Address Key Assignment
VBAK Sales Document: Header Data
VBAP Sales Document: Item Data
VBEP Sales Document: Schedule Line Data
VBFA Sales Document Flow
VBKD Sales Document: Business Data
VBKPF Document Header for Document Parking
VBPA Sales Document: Partner
VBRK Billing Document: Header Data
VBRP Billing Document: Item Data
VBSEGA Document Segment for Document Parking – Asset Database
VBSEGD Document Segment for Customer Document Parking
VBSEGK Document Segment for Vendor Document Parking
VBSEGS Document Segment for Document Parking – G/L Account Database
VBSET Document Segment for Taxes Document Parking
VBUK Sales Document: Header Status and Administrative Data
VBUP Sales Document: Item Status
VBUV Sales Document: Incompletion Log
VEDA Contract Data
VSAFVC_CN Version: Operation in order
VSKOPF Version: Header – general data for a version –
VSMLST_CN Version: Milestone
VSPRPS_CN Version: WBS Element (Work Breakdwn Struc. Elem.) Mast. Data
VSSTEU Version: Control table – one entry per version object –
WAGU Validity of plant groups – IS-R
WAKH Promotion Header Data, IS-R
WAKP Promotion Item Data
WAKR Promotion Discounts
WAKT Promotion description short text, IS-R
WALE Material to store assignment to promotion
WRF1 Plant data
WRF_BRANDS_T Brand Names
WRF_MATGRP_HIER Article Hierarchy Properties
WRF_MATGRP_HIERT Article Hierarchy Description
WRF_MATGRP_PROD Hierarchy-Product Assignment Table
WRF_MATGRP_SKU Article Assignments Table
WRF_MATGRP_STRCT Language-Dependent Name of a Hierarchy Node
WRF_MATGRP_STRUC Category Structure
WWMI Product catalog
WWMIT Prod. catalog texts

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