SAP HANA SQL Error Codes

The following table lists error codes displayed by SAP HANA database and their descriptions.

Error Code Description
1 General warning
2 General error
3 Fatal error
4 Cannot allocate enough memory
5 Initialization error
6 Invalid data
7 Feature not supported
8 Invalid argument
9 Index out of bounds
10 Invalid username or password
11 Invalid state
12 Cannot open file
13 Cannot create/write file
14 Cannot allocate enough disk space
15 Cannot find file
16 Statement retry
17 Metadata schema version incompatible between database and executable file
18 Service shutting down
19 Invalid license
128 Transaction error
129 Transaction rolled back by an internal error
130 Transaction rolled back by integrity constraint violation
131 Transaction rolled back by lock wait timeout
132 Transaction rolled back due to unavailable resource
133 Transaction rolled back by detected deadlock
134 Failure in accessing checkpoint file
135 Failure in accessing anchor file
136 Failure in accessing log file
137 Failure in accessing archive file
138 Transaction serialization failure
139 Current operation cancelled by request and transaction rolled back
140 Invalid write-transaction identifier
141 Failure in accessing invisible log file
142 Exceed max num of concurrent transactions
143 Transaction serialization failure until timeout expires
144 Transaction rollback, unique constraint violated
145 Transaction distribution work failure
146 Resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified
147 Inconsistency between data and log
148 Transaction start is blocked until Master_Restart finishes
149 Distributed transaction commit failure
150 Statement cancelled due to old snapshot
256 SQL processing error
257 SQL syntax error
258 Insufficient privilege
259 Invalid table name
260 Invalid column name
261 Invalid index name
262 Invalid query name
263 Invalid alias name
264 Invalid datatype
265 Expression missing
266 Inconsistent datatype
267 Specified length too long for its datatype
268 Column ambiguously defined
269 Too many values
270 Not enough values
271 Duplicate alias
272 Duplicate column name
273 Not a single character string
274 Inserted value too large for column
275 Aggregate function not allowed
276 Missing aggregation or grouping
277 Not a GROUP BY expression
278 Nested group function without GROUP BY
279 Group function is nested
280 ORDER BY item must be the number of a SELECT-list
281 Outer join not allowed in operand of OR or IN
282 Two tables cannot be outer-joined to each other
283 A table may be outer joined to at most one other table
284 Join field does not match
285 Invalid join condition
286 Identifier is too long
287 Cannot insert NULL or update to NULL
288 Cannot use duplicate table name
289 Cannot use duplicate index name
290 Cannot use duplicate query name
291 Argument identifier must be positive
292 wrong number of arguments
293 Argument type mismatch
294 Cannot have more than one primary key
295 Too long multi key length
296 Replicated table must have a primary key
297 Cannot update primary key field in replicated table
298 Cannot store DDL
299 Cannot drop index used f