SAP HANA SQL Error Codes

The following table lists error codes displayed by SAP HANA database and their descriptions.

Error Code Description
1 General warning
2 General error
3 Fatal error
4 Cannot allocate enough memory
5 Initialization error
6 Invalid data
7 Feature not supported
8 Invalid argument
9 Index out of bounds
10 Invalid username or password
11 Invalid state
12 Cannot open file
13 Cannot create/write file
14 Cannot allocate enough disk space
15 Cannot find file
16 Statement retry
17 Metadata schema version incompatible between database and executable file
18 Service shutting down
19 Invalid license
128 Transaction error
129 Transaction rolled back by an internal error
130 Transaction rolled back by integrity constraint violation
131 Transaction rolled back by lock wait timeout
132 Transaction rolled back due to unavailable resource
133 Transaction rolled back by detected deadlock
134 Failure in accessing checkpoint file
135 Failure in accessing anchor file
136 Failure in accessing log file
137 Failure in accessing archive file
138 Transaction serialization failure
139 Current operation cancelled by request and transaction rolled back
140 Invalid write-transaction identifier
141 Failure in accessing invisible log file
142 Exceed max num of concurrent transactions
143 Transaction serialization failure until timeout expires
144 Transaction rollback, unique constraint violated
145 Transaction distribution work failure
146 Resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified
147 Inconsistency between data and log
148 Transaction start is blocked until Master_Restart finishes
149 Distributed transaction commit failure
150 Statement cancelled due to old snapshot
256 SQL processing error
257 SQL syntax error
258 Insufficient privilege
259 Invalid table name
260 Invalid column name
261 Invalid index name
262 Invalid query name
263 Invalid alias name
264 Invalid datatype
265 Expression missing
266 Inconsistent datatype
267 Specified length too long for its datatype
268 Column ambiguously defined
269 Too many values
270 Not enough values
271 Duplicate alias
272 Duplicate column name
273 Not a single character string
274 Inserted value too large for column
275 Aggregate function not allowed
276 Missing aggregation or grouping
277 Not a GROUP BY expression
278 Nested group function without GROUP BY
279 Group function is nested
280 ORDER BY item must be the number of a SELECT-list
281 Outer join not allowed in operand of OR or IN
282 Two tables cannot be outer-joined to each other
283 A table may be outer joined to at most one other table
284 Join field does not match
285 Invalid join condition
286 Identifier is too long
287 Cannot insert NULL or update to NULL
288 Cannot use duplicate table name
289 Cannot use duplicate index name
290 Cannot use duplicate query name
291 Argument identifier must be positive
292 wrong number of arguments
293 Argument type mismatch
294 Cannot have more than one primary key
295 Too long multi key length
296 Replicated table must have a primary key
297 Cannot update primary key field in replicated table
298 Cannot store DDL
299 Cannot drop index used for enforcement of unique/primary key
300 Argument index is out of range
301 Unique constraint violated
302 Invalid CHAR or VARCHAR value
303 Invalid DATE, TIME or TIMESTAMP value
304 Division by zero undefined
305 Single-row query returns more than one row
306 Invalid cursor
307 Numeric value out of range
308 Column name already exists
309 Correlated subquery cannot have TOP or ORDER BY
310 SQL error in procedure
311 Cannot drop all columns in a table
312 Sequence is exhausted
313 Invalid sequence
314 Numeric overflow
315 Invalid synonym
316 wrong number of arguments in function invocation
317 P_QUERYPLANS not exists nor valid format
318 Decimal precision specifier is out of range
319 Decimal scale specifier is out of range
320 Cannot create index on expression with datatype LOB
321 Invalid view name
322 Cannot use duplicate view name
323 Duplicate replication ID
324 Cannot use duplicate sequence name
325 Invalid escape sequence
326 CURRVAL of given sequence is not yet defined in this session
327 Cannot explain plan of given statement
328 Invalid name of function or procedure
329 Cannot use duplicate name of function or procedure
330 Cannot use duplicate synonym name
331 User name already exists
332 Invalid user name
333 Column not allowed
334 Invalid user privilege
335 Field alias name already exists
336 Invalid default value
337 INTO clause not allowed for this SELECT statement
338 Zero-length collumns are not allowed
339 Invalid number
340 Not all variables bound
341 Numeric underflow
342 Collation conflict
343 Invalid collate name
344 Parse error in data loader
345 Not a replication table
346 Invalid replication ID
347 Invalid option in monitor
348 Invalid datetime format
350 Cannot drop columns in the primary-key column list
351 Column is referenced in a multi-column constraint
352 Cannot create unique index on CDX table
353 Update log group name already exists
354 Invalid update log group name
355 The base table of the update log table must have a primary key
356 Exceed maximum number of update log group
357 The base table already has a update log table
358 Update log table can not have a update log table
359 Concatenated string is too long
360 View WITH CHECK OPTION where-clause violation
361 Data manipulation operation not legal on this view
362 Invalid schema name
363 Number of index columns exceeds its maximum
364 Invalid partial key size
365 No matching unique or primary key for this column list
366 Referenced table does not have a primary key
367 Number of referencing columns must match referenced columns
368 Unique constraint not allowed on temporary table
369 Exceed maximum view depth limit
370 Cannot perform DIRECT INSERT operation on table with unique indexes
371 Invalid XML document
372 Invalid XPATH
373 Invalid XML duration value
374 Invalid XML function usage
375 Invalid XML index operation
376 Python stored procedure error
377 JIT operation error
378 Invalid column view
379 Table schema mismatch
380 Fail to change run level
381 Fail to restart
382 Fail to collect all version garbage
383 Invalid identifier
384 Constant string is too long
385 Could not restore session
386 Cannot use duplicate schema name
387 Table ambiguously defined
388 Role already exists
389 Invalid role name
390 Invalid user type
391 Invalidated view
392 Can’t assign cyclic role
393 Roles must not receive a privilege with grant option
394 Error revoking role
395 Invalid user-defined type name
396 Cannot use duplicate user-defined type name
397 Invalid object name
398 Cannot have more than one order by
399 Role tree too deep
400 Primary key not allowed on insert-only table
401 Unique constraint not allowed on insert-only table
402 The user was already dropped before query execution
403 Internal error
404 Invalid (non-existent) structured privilege name
405 Cannot use duplicate structured privilege name
406 INSERT, UPDATE and UPSERT are disallowed on the generated field
407 Invalid date format
408 Password or parameter required for user
409 Multiple values for a parameter not supported
410 Invalid privilege namespace
411 Invalid table type
412 Invalid password layout
413 Last n passwords can not be reused
414 User is forced to change password
415 User is deactivated
416 User is locked
417 Can’t drop without CASCADE specification
418 Invalid view query for creation
419 Can’t drop with RESTRICT specification.
420 Password change currently not allowed
421 Cannot create fulltext index
422 Privileges must be either all SQL or all from one namespace
423 LiveCache error
424 Invalid name of package
425 Duplicate package name
426 Number of columns mismatch
427 Cannot reserve index ID any more
428 Invalid query plan ID
429 Integrity check failed
430 Invalidated procedure
431 User’s password will expire within few days
432 This syntax has been deprecated and will be removed in next release
433 Null value found
434 Invalid object ID
435 Invalid expression
436 Could not set system license
437 Only commands for license handling are allowed in current state
438 Invalid user parameter value
439 Composite error
440 Table type conversion error
441 This feature has been deprecated and will be removed in next release
442 Number of columns exceeds its maximum
443 Invalid calculation scenario name
444 Package manager error
512 Replication error
513 Cannot execute DDL statement on replication table while replicating
514 Failure in accessing anchor file
515 Failure in accessing log file
516 Replication table has not conflict report table
517 Conflict report table already enabled
518 Conflict report table already disabled
576 API error
577 Cursor type of forward is not allowed
578 Invalid statement
579 Exceed maximum batch size
580 Server rejected the connection(protocol version mismatch)
581 This function can be called only in the case of single statement
582 This query does not have result set
583 Connection does not exist
584 No more lob data
585 Operation is not permitted
586 Invalid parameter is received from server
587 Result set is currently invalid
588 Next() is not called for this result set
589 Too many parameters are set
590 Some paramters are missing
591 Internal error
592 Not supported type conversion
593 Remote-only function
594 No more result row in result set
595 Specified parameter is not output parameter
596 LOB streaming is not permitted in auto-commit mode
597 Session context error
598 Failed to execute the external statement
599 Session layer is not initialized yet
600 Failed routed execution
601 Too many session variables are set
602 Cannot set readonly session variable
603 Invalid LOB
604 Remote temp table access failure
605 Invalid XA join request
606 Exceed maximum LOB size
607 Failed to cleanup resources
608 Exceed maximum number of prepared statements
1024 Session error
1025 Communication error
1026 Cannot bind a communication port
1027 Communication initialization error
1028 I/O control error
1029 Connection failure
1030 Send error
1031 Receive error
1032 Cannot create a thread
1033 Error while parsing protocol
1034 Exceed maximum number of sessions
1035 Not supported version
1036 Invalid session ID
1037 Unknown hostname
1280 SqlScript error
1281 Wrong number or types of parameters in call
1282 Output parameter not avariable
1283 OUT and IN OUT parameters may not have default expressions
1284 Duplicate parameters are not permitted
1285 At most one declaration is permitted in the declaration section
1286 Cursor must be declared by SELECT statement
1287 Identifier must be declared
1288 Expression cannot be used as an assignment target
1289 Expression cannot be used as an INTO-target of SELECT/FETCH statement
1290 Expression is inappropriate as the left hand side of an assignment statement
1291 Expression is of wrong type
1292 Illegal EXIT statement, it must appear inside a loop
1293 Identifier name must be an exception name
1294 An INTO clause is expected in SELECT statement
1295 EXPLAIN PLAN and CALL statement are not allowed
1296 Identifier is not a cursor
1297 Wrong number of values in the INTO list of a FETCH statement
1298 Unhandled user-defined exception
1299 No data found
1300 Fetch returns more than requested number of rows
1301 Numeric or value error
1302 Parallelizable function cannot have OUT or IN OUT parameter
1303 User-defined exception
1304 Cursor is already opened
1305 Return type is invalid
1306 Return type mismatch
1307 Unsupported datatype is used
1308 Illegal single assignment
1309 Invalid use of table variable
1310 Scalar type is not allowed
1311 Out parameter is not specified
1312 At most one output parameter is allowed
1313 Output parameter should be a table or a table variable
1314 Inappropriate variable name: do not allow “” for the name of variable or parameter
1315 Return result set from select stmt exist when result view is defined
1316 Some out table var is not assigned
1317 Function name exceedes max. limit
1318 Built-in function not defined
1319 Parameter must be a table name
1320 Parameter must be an attribute name without a table name upfront
1321 Parameter must be an attribute name without an alias
1322 CE_CALC not allowed
1323 Parameter must be a vector of columns or aggregations
1324 Join attribute must be available in projection list
1325 Parameter must be a vector of SQL identifiers
1326 Duplicate attribute name
1327 Parameter has a non supported type
1328 Attribute not found in column table
1329 Duplicate column name
1330 Syntax Error for calculated Attribute
1331 Syntax Error in filter expression
1332 Parameter must be a valid column table name
1333 Join attributes not found in variable
1334 Input parameters do not have the same table type
1335 Cyclic dependency found in a runtime procedure
1336 Unexpected internal exception caught in a runtime procedure
1337 Variable depends on an unassigned variable
1338 CE_CONVERSION: customizing table missing
1339 Too many parameters
1340 The depth of the nested call is too deep
1536 Swapx error
1537 This table has no swap space
1538 Swap already activated
1539 Swap not yet activated
1540 Swap space is not created
1541 Failure in unpinning a swap page
1542 Failure in swap file
1543 Failure in accessing swap data file
1544 Failure in accessing swap log file
1545 Swap buffer overflow
1546 Swap buffer reservation failure
1792 Shared memory error
1793 Invalid key or invalid size
1794 The segment already exists
1795 Exceed the system-wide limit on shared memory
1796 No segment exists for the given key, and IPC_CREAT was not specified
1797 The user does not have permission to access the shared memory segment
1798 No memory could be allocated for segment overhead
1799 Invalid shmid
1800 Allow read access for shmid
1801 Shmid points to a removed identifier
1802 The effective user ID of the calling process is not the creator
1803 The GID or UID value is too large to be stored in the structure
1804 The user does not have permission to access the shared memory segment
1805 Invalid shmid
1806 No memory could be allocated for the descriptor or for the page tables
1807 Unknown shared memory error
2048 Column store error
2049 Primary key is not specified for column table
2050 Not supported ddl type for column table
2051 Not supported data type for column table
2052 Not supported dml type for column table
2053 Invalid returned value from attribute engine
2304 Python DBAPI error
2305 Interface failure
2306 Programming mistake
2307 Invalid query parameter
2308 Not supported encoding for string
2560 Distributed metadata error
2561 DDL redirect error
2562 DDL notification error
2563 DDL invalid container ID
2564 DDL invalid index ID
2565 Distributed environment error
2566 Network error
2567 Metadata update not supported in slave
2568 Metadata update of master indexserver is failed
2816 SqlScript Error
2817 SqlScript Builtin Function
2818 – 2889 SqlScript
3584 Distributed SQL error
3585 Expression shipping failure
3586 Operator shipping failure
3587 Invalid protocol or indexserver (statisticsserver) shutdown during distributed query execution
3588 Sequence shipping failure
3589 Remote query exectuion failure
3840 general auditing error
3841 Invalid privilege
3842 Audit trail writer is blocked
3843 Audit policy with current name already exists
3844 Invalid combination of audit actions
3845 Invalid action status for auditing
3846 Invalid auditing level
3847 Invalid policy name
4096 General error in the process of stored plan
4097 Invalid operation in generating plans
4098 Invalid operation in execution the chosen plan
4099 Invalid operation in storing the pinned plan
4100 Invalid operation in loading the stored plan
4101 Invalid operation in deleting the chosen plan
4103 Failed to prepare for runtime reorganization
4104 Transaction blocked since runtime reorganization is in progress
4105 ERR_REORG_TRANS_EXISTS_GENERAL. Cannot start reorganization due to the transactions in execution

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