What does SAP HANA Live mean for reporting and analytics?

SAP HANA Live allows users to easily access real-time data using pre-developed calculation views and the SAP BusinessObjects platform. In this Q&A, Rob Frye, Fernando Ibarra Avila, and Lilisee Thao of Comerit Labs answered questions on the deployment, installation, and features of SAP HANA Live.

If you missed the chat or need a refresher, you may view the chat replay or read the edited transcript below. 


SAPinsiderMatt: Welcome to today’s live Q&A on SAP HANA Live. I am excited to be joined by Comerit’s Rob Frye, Lilisee Thao, and Fernando Ibarra Avila. This Q&A is brought to you by SAPinsider’s BI 2017 conference that will be held February 27 – March 2 in Orlando.

Rob Frye: Good afternoon everyone, and thanks for joining us to discuss SAP HANA Live! I’m Rob Frye, Associate Director of Comerit, Inc., and I’m here with my team of SAP professionals at ComeritLabs. We’ve had the opportunity to work with HANA Live with several of our clients, so we’re looking forward to answering any questions you may have about the product.

Fernando Ibarra Avila: Hey all! Thank you for joining us. We look forward to answering your questions!

Lilisee Thao: Hello everyone, thank you for joining us!

Comment From Cris: Is there a comprehensive document that lists and describes the data sources, available fields and tables, and intended use cases for the Live Views that are provided out-of-the-box?

Fernando Ibarra Avila: Great questions! You can find this by going to the HANA Live help portal at http://help.sap.com/hba. From there scroll down until you get to the specific module that you would like to see, and click “English” or any other language that you may want to view. This will lead you to that particular module’s information. On the top right, there should be a “Download” option where you can download the information regarding that particular module. You should be presented with a screen that denotes that the PDF is being built. Please note that there appears to be a problem with downloading these PDFs so you may need to contact SAP.

Comment From Jyothi: Does SAP HANA Live enable live reporting on SAP BO Financial Consolidation? If yes, how?

Lilisee Thao: Thank you for your question. Currently, there is no HANA Live content available for SAP BO Consolidation.

Comment From Kruno: How can you consume hana Live views in XSA to do things like build a custom calculation view by extending a hana Live view? Currently, the classic hana repository packages are not visible from hana XSA containers.

Rob Frye: This is an interesting question. If the existing repository packages are not available for consumption in XSA, you probably need to make sure your development user in XSA has object rights for the specific sap.hba.ecc package. I would, however, recommend using the SAP HANA Live Extension Assistant to extend the existing views and then consume them in XSA. That will most likely be easier in the long run than trying to extend the views manually in the SAP WebIDE. Thanks for the question!

Comment From guest: When working on SAP Hana Studio, how can you get an overview or flowchart where you can start to analyze or study SAP HANA data?

Lilisee Thao: If I understand your question correctly, you can visualize the data flow through the SAP HANA Live Browser. Next, search for a keyword from the view, highlight it, and click the Open Cross Reference button and Graph View to visualize the data flow for any view. Thanks for the question, and please let me know if that doesn’t address what you were asking.

Comment From Cris: To access this content from BO 4.1, do we need to create ODBC to Hana DB, or are there connectors to the Hana Data Views direct provided by Business Objects? Any documentation that would explain the connections would be appreciated.

Fernando Ibarra Avila: Thanks for the question. From my experience working with BO and HANA Data sources, the only way that I have seen BO connections is through an ODBC to HANA. My recommendation is to create connections through IDT in order to have them be a bit more streamlined. This document should give you a good starting point for Integrating HANA content to BO: https://www.sap-press.com/m…. I will also mention that BOBJ 4.2 comes with the option to connect directly to HANA Views without the added layer of utilizing a universe.

Comment From Venkat: How can you quickly and easily tailor the existing SAP HANA Live calculation views to your company’s reporting needs?

Rob Frye: If you use the SAP HANA Live Extension Assistant plug-in with HANA Studio, this task is actually pretty simple. This plug-in can be downloaded from the marketplace, and it allows you to easily see the fields in the underlying tables and activate them in an extended version of the original view. You can also make a copy of the original view and modify the copy by adding nodes to connect supplemental data from other tables. This process is more complicated but also more flexible. Regardless of which path you take, if you’re at all familiar with native SAP HANA modeling, the process should be pretty easy to understand. Thanks for the question!

Comment From Ignacio: During a Lecture at SAP TechEd last year, it was mentioned that SAP was going to stop supporting attribute and analytic views. Is that why HANA Live views are only calculation views? What about any other native HANA implementations where we have used Analytic and Attribute views — should we look into migrating to only calculation views? Thanks.

Fernando Ibarra Avila: Calculation views will eventually become the standard for creating views. To convert attribute and analytic views, please follow this link: http://help.sap.com/saphelp... and it should provide a good starting point.

Comment From Ignacio: HANA Live views are all calculation views, some of them scripted but most of them graphical. Why is that? And for enhancements, should