SAP HANA Live Overview

简要:HANA Live是类似BW里的BI Content的一个补丁包。HANA Live and BW on HANA are 2 different things. HANA Live is mainly for scenario where customer have connected their ERP/CRM/SRM module to HANA and want to do analytics on top of ERP/CRM/SRM data using HANA.
In case of BW on HANA, HANA Live does not make much sense.

SAP HANA Live Overview

What is SAP HANA Live?

SAP HANA Live (previously known as SHAF – SAP HANA Analytic Foundation) is solution for real-time reporting on HANA.
It is a separate package that comes with predefined SAP HANA content across the SAP Business Suite.

What does SAP HANA Live provides?
SAP HANA Live provides SAP-delivered content (similar in concept like SAP BW content), in form of SAP HANA calculation views for real-time operational reporting.  The calculation views spans across majority of ECC modules (FI, CO, MM, PP, SD, PS, CRM, GTS, AM and GRC).

The content is represented as a VDM – virtual data model, which is based on the transactional and master data tables of the SAP Business Suite.

Currently more than 2000 views are delivered in HANA Live Package.

Architecture of HANA Live:

HANA Live calculation views are designed on top of SAP Business Suite tables. These views are opt