The 8 Best Free and Open Source Help Desk Software Tools

Free/Freemium Options

1. Freshdesk

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Freshdesk dashboard

Freshdesk is fourth on Capterra’s rankings of top 20 customer service softwareproviders. Their free option is for up to three agents, with limited functionality.

Standout features

  • Easily prioritize certain customers based on SLA policies
  • Easily turn emails and tickets into knowledge base articles
  • Use 33 different languages
  • Access via mobile apps

Freshdesk’s solution for temporary increased demand is solid. Add extra agents for a day to work through a backlog for $2 to $4, without changing your plan. You can even purchase these day passes in advance and use them as needed.

They offer unlimited 24/7 email support and 24/5 phone support at the free level. One Capterra reviewer found the customer service “incredible.”


Freshdesk’s most compelling feature might be its ability to gamify customer service. The system offers points and rewards for excellent service, to help boost service desk employee engagement and morale.

Unfortunately, gamification isn’t available at the free level for Freshdesk.

In addition, some Capterra reviewers complained about Freshdesk’s non-intuitive interface. One noted that the process for adding new contacts or companies from tickets is “a bit odd at times.” Another said it was, “sometimes a bit confusing to setup and configure.”

Then again, one reviewer raved: “All the admin features you need are in a one tab. It is so easy to configure the solution and to customize it (forms, emails, and so on). The solution can be online in only a couple of minutes.”


Ultimately it makes sense to only have gamification available to larger shops. Gamification relies on competition among agents to really work. However, the other features will still be helpful to one-to-three person shops. For one-person shops, choosing a free option which is still free when you grow might be a good idea.

2. Spiceworks

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