SAP ERP and Magento Integration Touchpoints


APPSeCONNECT helps you with various scenarios by which you can have customers synchronized between the ERP environment along with the Magento store. You can choose a combination based on your nature of business as well as specific needs.

B2C Customers and Guest Customers 

  • B2C customers are supported using one-time customer within SAP. So various orders within SAP use the same B2C customer number, however, the individual customer information as well as their address details are stored within the respective orders. This helps your organization to capture accurate details without having your master data explode.

B2B Customer 

  • Existing B2B customers can be sent from SAP to Magento and the contact persons automatically get registered on Magento as users. They can order on behalf of the company. Based on function of the contact person you can set a filter on which contact person must go to Magento. You can also set up an approval mechanism to have one type of contact person approve the order before it is downloaded into SAP.

The following information also get synced with B2B customer

a. Company General details like Name, address, email ID

b. Contact persons associated with the company along with their details

c. Ship to locations of the company

d. Credit Information.
SAP ERP is considered the source for B2B customer master. No changes are allowed within Magento. 

ITEM & Inventory

Item Sync

You can manage the entire structure and product listing on your webstore from within SAP.

Product Catalog 

  • Product Catalog feature in SAP ERP allows creating categories in the form of a tree structure. Categories can