SD–sap的SD, FI,MM的业务集成和SD业务常用到重要函数

SD 和 MM 模块的业务集成:

1. 当你创建销售订单(SO),所有的项目将从MM模块拷贝物料主数据.

2. MRP和可用性检查也从MM模块读取相关数据.

3. While you create inbound/outbound delivery with reference to a sales order,the shipping point determination takes place with the help of the loading group, plant data, shipping conditions etc. This also refers to Material Master.

4. The material which you are entering in a sales order must be extended to the sales area of your sales order/customer otherwise you cannot transact with this material.

SD 和 FI模块的业务集成 :-

1. Whenever you create a delivery with reference to a sales order, goods movement takes place in the bacgground. eg. In case of standard sales order, you create an outbound goods delivery to the customer. 
Here movement 601 takes place. This movement is configured in MM. Also, this movement hits some G/L account in FI. Every such