ABAP syst variables

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Following are system variables in SAP ABAP:

SY-CPAGE - Holds Current Page Number
SY-CPROG - Contains Program Name
SY-CUCOL - Cursor Position ( Column)
SY-CUROW - Cursor Position (Line)
SY-DATLO - Local Date for User
SY-DATUM - System Date
SY-DATUD - Global Date Related To UTC ( GMT )
SY-DBCNT - Number of entries read by DB Operation
SY-DBNAM- Logical DB for ABAP/4 Program
SY-DBSYS - System DB System
SY-DYNNR- Number of Current Screen
SY-INDEX - Number Of Loop passes
SY-LANGU- SAP Log on Language Key
SY-LILLI - Number Of Current List Line
SY-LINCT - Number Of List Lines
SY-LINNO - Current Line for List Creation
SY-LINSZ - Line Size of List
SY-LISEL - Selected Line For Interactive List
SY-LSIND - Number Of Secondary List
SY-MANDT - Client Number For SAP Log On 21.SY-MSGID - Message ID
SY-MSGTY - Message Type
SY-MSGNO - Message Number
SY-MSGV1 - Message Variable1
SY-MSGV2 - Message Variable2
SY-MSGV3 - Message Variable3
SY-MSGV4 - Message Variable4
SY-OPSYS - Operating System
SY-PAART - Print Format
SY-PAGCT - Page Size of List in Report Program
SY-PAGNO - Current Page in the List
SY-PDEST - Print Output Device
SY-PFKEY - Run time Current F key Status
SY-REPID - Report Name in ABAP
SY-SAPRL - SAP Release
SY-SUBRC - Return Value after specific ABAP Statement
SY-SYSID - SAP system ID
SY-TABIX - Current line of Internal Table
SY-TCODE - Current Transaction Code
SY-TIMLO - Local Time Of User
SY-TITLE - Title of ABAP Program
SY-TMAXL - Maximum entries in a Internal Table
SY-TNAME - Name Of Internal Table after first Access
SY-UCOMM -Interact : Command field Function entry / Function code
SY-ULINE - Underline
SY-UNAME - Session : SAP user from Log On
SY-UZEIT - System Time
SY-VLINE - Vertical Bar


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