Dashboards Backward Compatibility

Applies to:

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0 SP4, SP6. For more information, visit the SAP BusinessObjects Dashboardshomepage.


This article describes the steps to make the dashboard files built with latest version of BusinessObjects Dashboards compatible with older version or to an older service pack within same version. The content in this article is intended for all those developers in Dashboards space who are dealing with the backward compatibility issue facing error message when opening files built on latest versions on the version of dashboards client they have one local machine. Steps in this article take an example of making Dashboards 4.0 SP6 XLF file to a Dashboards 4.0 SP4 compatible.

Author: Mallikarjuna Chary Narayandas

Company: Gyansys Inc.

Created on: September 14, 2