ABAP Tips and Tricks

ABAP Tips and Tricks

Retrieving the deleted program

I recently deleted a custom program (which is already transported to production) accidentally and was wondering if there is any method of retrieving the program back. After some research, I found a way of getting back the program. Following are the steps in getting back the program:
1) Create a program with the same name as earlier (which is deleted)
2) Click on “Utilities” –> “Versions” –> “Version Management”
3) Select the version of your earlier program and click on display.
4) Your earlier program is displayed here

Find out in what all Tables a specified field is available.

You can find out through transaction code SE15.
1) Give SE15 on command prompt.
2) Select ABAP Dictionary
3) Select “fields” folder
4) Click on table fields
5) Then you can enter the desired field name (In your case EKGRP)
6) Run OR pres