SAP中的Currency Types货币类型

本文介绍SAP货币类型,即Currency Types的来源以及平行货币评估的基本用法。

In SAP, Currencies are configured for the company’s legal way and standard of payment handling. In SAP configuration, currency plays an important role. In SAP, all currencies are maintained according to ISO Standard. We can configure currencies as per the rules of the country defined in the company code. SAP provides currencies of every country and we can also define our own currency if we require.

In SAP, when we define Company/company code, currency is a basic data which should be maintained.

In SAP, we can maintain one base currency and two parallel currencies, it means three currencies. In FI documents, we can take four currencies including the transaction currency. With this function we can take reports in multiple currencies as per the management reporting requirements.

In SAP IMG, we can check currency as per the ISO standard. In this we can check and add currency entries as per our requirement.

SAP IMG –> SAP NetWeaver –> General Settings –> Currencies –> Check Currency Codes

SAP中的Currency Types货币类型

Click on ‘New entries’ to define additional currency, e.g.

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