SAP ECC中固定资产上线切换操作

前提条件:OAYC和V_T093C_08设置正确(若 V_T093C_08为12月31日,则OAYC不需要输入折旧切换月份)。

  • As, you have already created the Asset Master data through AS91, during which you have also enter Asset APV and Depreciation values (Asset takeover values) in Asset accounting module.
  • To post in  G/L account, go to t-code: OAMK and change the control of reconciliation account to “BLANK”
  • Transfer Balance sheet account balances through F-02 LSMW program. Pass the following JV entry,


PK 70 – Fixed Asset 1————– Dr 100

PK 70 – Fixed Asset 2————– Dr 100

PK 50 – Asset Upload clearing—- Cr 100

PK 50 – Acc. Dep Account——— Cr 100

  • Post G/L balances and go to OAMK and restore control of reconciliation account to ” ASSETS”
  • 2nd Option for G/L posting is through t-code: OASV. In this you don’t have to use t-codes: OMAK & F-02.
  • Now, you have to reconcile Asset values in Asset Accounting module with GL balances using t-code: ABST2
  • After uploading the balances you can a pass an adjustment entry for these clearing accounts. Any way total balance for uploading clearing accounts should be zero.


PK 40 – Main Upload Account ——- Dr 100

PK 50 – Asset Upload clearing ——— Cr 100

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